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The world's brightest tubular daylight system

Up to 70% brighter than the next-best system

Solarspot - the only manufacturer to publish independent testing

Independent test data is you’re only guarantee of performance. At Solarspot we are so confident about the superior performance of our product that we are able to publish evidence from world-renowned testing organisations such as the UK’s BRE and Europe’s CSTB. Before you consider any make of solar tube, see how it compares in independent testing. Read more >

Solarspot - the brains behind the modern sun pipe

Whilst the modern sun tunnel was conceived in the 90’s in Australia, the technical advances that turned it from a concept into a product were developed by Dr Gennaro Bracale in Italy. An expert in the physics of the movement of light, Dr Bracale has spent the last 15 years fine tuning the Solarspot system to such a degree that it leaves all other similar systems in the shade.

Solarspot - innovative design delivers more daylight for you

Every component of a Solarspot system is conceived and manufactured to deliver the maximum amount of daylight, regardless of external conditions. Just take the dome design as an example; RIR light-capture lenses and Convas condensation lens maximise light-harvesting in rain or shine, all throughout the year whilst maximising thermal-efficiency. Read more >