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Choosing the best solar tube system for your project

Choosing the best solar tube system

When choosing a solar tube system for your project there should be one requirement that overrules all others, and that is light delivery. Solarspot systems lead the way delivering more daylight, size-for-size, than any other manufacturer with some models delivering around 70% more light than the nearest competitor.

All too often manufactures want to distract customers with misleading claims of meeting, or not, certain irrelevant building regulations or talk of dome designs when the real issue is the amount of light that can be delivered per unit.

Taking the popular 500-600mm diameter category as an example, the performance difference between the leading systems can be as much as 30%. This could mean that fewer units can be used to provide the required light levels, saving significant costs, or more added to give even more light.

This is why all of our systems carry an efficiency figure. This allows us to be able to provide accurate figures for light delivery so that architects and designers can specify the best size, and number, of units to give the amount of daylight required. Our technical team can provide bespoke calculations for your project, based on specific locations and system specifications, rather than quote general one-size-fits-all figures.

Our technical department can look at an existing project to give you accurate comparisons with an existing specification, or take a new project and make recommendations and produce a full year-long daylighting report. For more information, or to speak to our technical support team contact us at

Solarspot D-25

For smaller rooms; bathrooms, utilities, landings and hallways etc., the ultra-efficient Solarspot D-25 is the perfect choice. This 250mm diameter unit lights areas up to 12 square metres and is so bright that it out-performs all other similar sized systems and matches the best 350mm diameter unit available from Solatube.

Solarspot D-38

For larger spaces, the Solarspot D-38 out-classes everything in the 300-400mm diameter category, producing around 70% more light than its nearest competitor, the Solatube 290 DS. D-38 systems can be used singularly or in multiples with each unit lighting areas up to 22 square metres. Compare it with the best flexible system on the market and it will deliver around 20 times more daylight.

Solarspot D-53

Delivering more daylight than any other system in the 500mm – 600mm sector, the Solarspot D-53 is perfect for lighting medium to large commercial and public spaces. Patented RIR™ technology located in the non-yellowing dome ensure that more daylight is captured and roof level and delivered into the heart of buildings where conventional windows are not an option.

Solarspot D-65

The Solarspot D-65 is the most efficient solar tube system in the 600-800mm category delivering around 10% more than its nearest competitor, the Solatube M74. This sized system is perfect used in spaces larger spaces with each unit lighting up to 50 sqm of larger office, retail or work spaces.

Solarspot D-90

The Solarspot D-90 is the most efficient solar tube system in the world with each unit capable of lighting spaces up to 95sqm. This system requires ceilings that are at least 7m high to spread the light evenly so is perfect for use in areas like warehouses, factories, sports halls and shopping malls.

This is what makes it so good

All Solarspot systems, from the smallest to the largest, are designed and manufactured in the same way. At the top, non-yellowing high-impact acrylic domes encase the RIR light-funnel system ensuring that the maximum amount of daylight is harvested whatever the prevailing conditions – not just bright sunshine. The captured light is then transmitted down to the room below using our world-class Vegalux tubing – at 99.7% efficient nothing else is more reflective. At the ceiling, Solarspot diffusers are designed to allow the maximum amount of light to be distributed evenly into the space below. For more information, and advice for your particular situation you can call us on 01908 2999117 for prices and information.

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