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Solarspot for commercial installations

Solarspot - Innovative design delivers more daylight for you


You could be forgiven for thinking that all sun pipe systems are basically the same but your choice of sun tube will greatly affect the amount of daylight that is delivered. And as you’re only specifying sun tubes for one purpose, to bring in the daylight, you want to be assured that you are selecting the brightest system available for your project.

Solarspot systems employ unique patented technologies to ensure that the maximum amount of daylight is capture at roof level and delivered into the space below, regardless of the time of day or season. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it so we’ve commissioned independent testing from international renowned organisations the BRE and CSTB that prove beyond doubt that, size-for-size, you will get more daylight light from a Solarspot than any other solar tube style system. So much so that in the 300 – 400mm diameter category the Solarspot D-38 is around 70% brighter than its nearest competitor the Solatube 290DS.

Solarspot – how it works

Solarspot systems use a series of lenses mounted at the top of the tube, within the dome, to maximise daylight harvesting even on cloudy or wet days. The light is then transported down the world’s most efficient tube material (99.7% reflective) into the areas below. This super-reflective material only loses 0.3% of the daylight on each bounce so that only a minimum amount is lost during transfer. Read more...

Commercial diagram

Size for size, Solarspot is the brightest sun tube system in the world.

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