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D-38 Solarspot

Giving you natural daylight

Solarspot D-38– around 70% brighter than the next-best solar tube system in the 300-400mm sector

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The Solarspot D-38 is the brightest residential solar tube system in the world. But then we would say that wouldn’t we. Luckily you don’t have to take our word for it.

Independent tests at both the UK’s Building Research Establishment and CSTB in France proof this beyond doubt, which is why we can say it.



Model D-38
Diameter 380mm (15 inches)
Max recommended length 11.0m
Coverage up to 22 sqm
Efficiency 57%

Full range of Solarspot adjustable angles available

Solarspot D-38 380mm diameter Tubular Daylighting System

This mid-size unit is designed for larger domestic situations and medium commercial installations. Independently tests prove the superior performance of the D-38 showing it to deliver around 70% more daylight than its nearest competitor in the 300 – 400mm diameter.

In the BRE tests of 2.2m systems the D-38 outperformed the Solatube 290 DS, delivering 69% more daylight. The D-38 is suitable from virtually every roof type and can be supplied with the full range of Solarspot accessories including adjustable angles up to 30, 60 or 90 degrees, as well as integrated light systems and dimmer units.

A Solarspot D-38 allows for large levels of daylight to be delivered, normally only achievable with much larger diameter units, into most standard building structures without the need for any structural alterations.

Solarspot D-38 components:

  • Non-yellowing dome with RIR™ light capture lenses
  • Convas anti-condensation lens for increase thermal efficiency©
  • Extension tubes available: 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1200mm lengths
  • Flashings suitable for all virtually all roof types
  • Adjustable angle adaptors available: 0-30°, 0-60°, 0-90°
  • Range of circular and square diffusers available for solid and open-ceilings

The Solarspot D-38 lights spaces up to 12 sqm and is ideal for:

  • Larger corridors and hallways
  • Galleried landings and stairwells
  • Kitchens, Dining and living rooms
  • Workshops and smaller office space
  • Multiple use in larger office areas
Solarspot flat roof systems

The Solarspot spun aluminium flashing makes it perfect for any flat roof application. The rigid strong, flashing is perfect for GRP or single-ply roofs, and heat-resistant for any hot-process membrane system.

The unit is also a great option for green roofs providing a more aesthetically sympathetic solution than a curb-mount option.

Solarspot pitched roof systems

The Solarspot ABS flashing is available in either parallel or angled options to enable the perfect solution for any pitched roof.

The main flashing chassis can be heat-moulded to allow it to be formed over the profile of the roof tiles, and the sleeve adhesive flexible weathering-strip on the lower edge holds the flashing in-place, whatever the elements throw at it.

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