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Diffusers for every application

A wide range of diffuser solutions for all ceiling types

Solarspot diffusers are designed to distribute light evenly around the area below whilst providing additional thermal insulation, eliminating the damaging effects of UV and protecting the tube system contamination from dust or moisture. Our range of diffusers is designed to integrate with all ceiling types including solid, suspended-grids and open ceiling spaces. In addition to the options for various ceiling types, there is a large selection of lenses available to ensure the best distribution of light and aesthetic integration with the room.

Solid Ceilings

We are able to offer both circular and square diffuser solutions for use with hard, or plasterboard, ceiling in all sizes* in a wide variety of lens options.

*no square option is currently available for Solarspot D-90

Circular options for D-25, D-38 & D-53

By far the most popular option for these sizes is the Solarspot Perlato diffuser, providing excellent light distribution whilst blending unobtrusively with plasterboard ceiling. These are supplied as standard for all three of these sizes. Additional lenses are available: Prismatic, Fleur and Vision (clear)

Square options for D-25, D-38, D-53 & D-65

Also available for these sizes is a range of square diffusers for use with plasterboard ceilings.

The Prismatic diffuser is supplied as standard. Additional lenses available: Satinated & Radial (Fresnel lens)

Suspended ceilings D-38, D-53 & D-65

For suspended ceilings there is also a range of patented transition boxes for the D-38, D-53 and D-65that sit straight into standard 600x600 or 600x1200mm grid systems. These transition boxes can also be used to provide a flush, square diffuser option in plasterboard ceilings. Please ask for details.

Open framed ceilings D-25, D-38, D-53, D-65 & D-90

For open framed ceilings, typically found in warehouses, retail and manufacturing spaces, Solarspot offers a range of ‘lamp’ diffusers available with a variety of lens options. Lamp rims are available in white and grey and there is also a spun aluminium finishing ring, providing a neat aperture in the underside of the roof or to allow it to be integrated into board-finished ceilings.

Security and fire diffusers

For some special situations where high levels of fire-protection or security are required we are able to offer a range of metal transition boxes that can be supplied with either Saint Gobain glass or virtually indestructible laminated twin-layer Plexi-glass.

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