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Solarspot sun tunnels - the brightest daylight system for residential and commercial use

Scientifically proven with independent testing to deliver around 70% more daylight

Residential Sun Tunnels

Solarspot the brightest sun tunnel for Residential applications.  Also known as Sun Tunnels, Sun Pipes or Light Tubes, our Natural light tubes with our patented double-glazed dome harvests the maximum amount of light at roof level – regardless of weather conditions.

Solarspot sun pipe systems use patented technologies to capture daylight at the roof and transport it into your room through the world’s brightest tube material so that you get more light than any other sun tunnel system.

Independent testing proves that a Solarspot sun pipe will deliver on average around 70% more daylight than any other sun tunnel system and up to 20 times more light than a flexible sun tunnel.

Commercial Sun Tunnels

Solarspot’s superior components and patented technologies deliver unparalleled performance, with sizes ranging from 250mm to 900mm diameter there’s a Solarspot solution for every situation.

Unlike any other sun tunnel system on the market, all of Solarspot’s range of commercial sun pipes utilise active daylight-capture technology, RIR, to optimise the performance of each unit.

Superior technology means that a single Solarspot 900mm diameter D-90 sun tunnel system can illminate an area of up to 95 square metres, more than any other sun tunnel on the market today.

As featured on Grand Designs

26 Solarspot systems let the daylight flood into this ground-breaking grand design in Hertfordshire.

Up to 70% brighter than the next-best system!*

Patented technologies and cutting edge design ensure that Solarspot systems deliver more light per unit across all size categories of sun tunnels.

*Tubular Daylight Systems 300-400mm, based on Independent testing – find out more

Solarspot systems 70% brighter than next best system
40 percent less light with next best system

Guaranteed brighter than:

Fakro Lightway Solatube Sunpipe Velux

… In relative terms, the Solarspot was 33% more efficient than the Monodraught SunPipe and 44% more efficient then the Solatube.*

*Source: Independent test report 280962

Solarspot – The world's brightest tubular daylighting system

Up to 70% brighter than the next-best system.


Why our Sun Tunnels are better...

The Science behind Solarspot
solarspot the brightest sun pipe

Solarspot Product Range

Solarspot daylight systems are available in five sizes from 250mm up to 900mm.

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