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4 Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Bathroom

In many houses, windows for bathrooms often seem like an afterthought with many designers and homeowners opting for bathrooms without any windows. For others, installing a window to get natural light into a bathroom is simply impossible due to the layout or position of the house, and in some cases planning regulations doesn’t stipulate you have to actually have a window in your bathroom.

Whatever the case might be, a dark bathroom has never done any favours for anyone, much less when there is no window in there. After all, the bathroom should be a place of relaxation and not a source of frustration. But still, there is no need to despair. There are ways of getting natural light to your bathroom, or at least making it look like it’s brighter and more vibrant even when you do not actually have a window.

1. Consider a sun tunnel

Perhaps the best way to bring actual natural light into a windowless room is to use a sun pipe. These light tubes do exactly what they say on the tin, which is bringing sun from the outside into any room of your house, via a reflective tube and a dome or light capturing system.

While skylights can look great in certain circumstances, they have several disadvantages and

D-25 Base Kit Ideal for shower roomspitfalls. For instance, they may let in too much light and produce a lot of glare, especially during particularly sunny days. They are also not very energy efficient. As well as this fitting and cutting away timberwork for skylights into a ceiling can take up to around two to three days to fix, whereas fitting a suntunnel from Solarspot can be fitted and completed within the morning.

So the best alternative to let in natural light without any of those disadvantages is a sunpipe system. Installed in the roof your house, they collect daylight and transfer it right into any dark room, including the bathroom.

The difference a solartube can make is simply phenomenal. Even in overcast days and even if your bathroom is not in an optimal sunlight position, such as facing north or shaded by trees, a natural light system will still bring a lot of natural light in.

2. Let light in through the door

Depending on your circumstances and the layout of your house, you may wish to

consider replacing your door with a glazed or frosted glass one.

A lot of people are a bit weary of using such doors in their bathrooms because they prefer complete privacy but that may be the only solution if a sun tunnel or a window is not an option.

Of course, installing a glazed door in the bathroom will not do much of a difference if the hall or room before it are not actually well-lit.

If they are, however, then it could prove to be a decent and budget-friendly way of getting some natural light into the dark room.


3. Use large mirrors

Obviously, using mirrors is not magically going to create natural light in your bathroom but it can make a world of difference when it comes to the room looking bigger and brighter.

Consider placing a large mirror opposite the door, an option that will most surely make the bathroom look bigger and also brighter, especially as you enter.

Carefully positioning mirrors around the room will add a lot of perceived depth and will also allow them to reflect any existing light resulting in improved brightness.



4. Pick white or light-coloured items

As is the case with mirrors, light-coloured and white items can be used to augment the existing light in your home and turn even the darkest of rooms into bright showcases.

First and foremost, dark colours absorb light whereas lighter colours reflect it much better. As you can imagine, that means white and light colours can use what little available light you may have in your bathroom and make it seem brighter than it actually is.

In addition to all that, lighter colours will make the room seem bigger and neater. Adding colour touches here and then will also add to the ‘wow factor’, allowing you to play around with different decorations and design schemes.



How Solarspot can help you

We understand that trying to get natural lighting into your home, office, bathroom, kitchen, and even your landing can be a very difficult process, so why not consider installing a Solarspot Daylight System and let us take care of the rest for you?

Also known as sun tunnels, sun pipes, sun lights and solatubes, these are innovative daylight systems that are designed to deliver more natural light into your home.

Solarspot have been independently tested as delivering on average over 70% more natural light into your home than its nearest competitor Solatube.

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