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Choosing the best solar tube system for home use

Solarspot the brightest daylight system for your home – If you have a dark room, or area, your home you are considering fitting solar tube how do you know which is the best option for you?

We think the answer is simple and it has to be the system that will give you the most daylight. After all, isn’t that why you are fitting it?

Everything about a Solarspot tubular daylight system is designed to maximise the light that can be delivered into your home. And to prove that we are the brightest we have our system independently tested against leading competitors and publish the results so that you can see how we compare to other products like Solatube and Velux.

A solar tube system is only as good as the sum of its parts which is why all Solarspot units combine world-leading innovative patented design with the best materials to ensure that the maximum amount of light is delivered, whatever the external conditions or time of year. There’s no point in using the world’s most reflective tubing if your dome design blocks out light at certain times of the day, or producing a system that only works at midday on south facing roofs.

For most residential situations the Solarspot D-25 or D-38 will provide the best solution. Although larger systems are available, even for really large rooms the scale of most residential building favour the use of multiple smaller units rather than just one big system.

Solarspot D-25 bathroom sun pipe system lights up this dark bathroom in Leicester

Solarspot D-25

For smaller rooms; bathrooms, utilities, landings and hallways etc., the ultra-efficient Solarspot D-25 is the perfect choice. This 250mm diameter unit lights areas up to 12 square metres and is so bright that it out-performs all other similar sized systems and matches the best 350mm diameter unit available from Solatube.

SolarspotD-38 solar tube lights up dining room in Cornwall

Solarspot D-38

For larger spaces, the Solarspot D-38 out-classes everything in the 300-400mm diameter category, producing around 70% more light than its nearest competitor, the Solatube 290 DS. D-38 systems can be used singularly or in multiples with each unit lighting areas up to 22 square metres. Compare it with the best flexible system on the market and it will deliver around 20 times more daylight.

This is what makes it so good

All Solarspot systems, from the smallest to the largest, are designed and manufactured in the same way. At the top, non-yellowing high-impact acrylic domes encase the RIR light-funnel system ensuring that the maximum amount of daylight is harvested whatever the prevailing conditions – not just bright sunshine. The captured light is then transmitted down to the room below using our world-class Vegalux tubing – at 99.7% efficient nothing else is more reflective. At the ceiling, Solarspot diffusers are designed to allow the maximum amount of light to be distributed evenly into the space below.

For more information, and advice for your particular situation you can call us on 01908 2999117 for prices and information.

Solarspot – the world's brightest sun pipe

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