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A change of mood

You can walk into some rooms and your whole mood is changed. You either feel good, energised and ready for anything, or gloomy and somewhat slowed down. Often the difference in mood is purely down to lighting – or lack of it.

Lighting can be creative and inspiring, or it can dampen things down almost to the point of apathy and can foster a lack of interest in whatever is going on.

Good lighting will bring out colour and detail, whilst in a room which is badly lit things will escape your notice. Obviously it becomes vital to have lighting in a room which is meant for work, to help inspire creativity, but equally so if you want to be able to enjoy your home and surroundings with the family. Creativity permeates every corner of our lives, giving a healthy satisfaction to some of the most menial tasks.

You might therefore think that you are a disadvantage if your home or workplace is dark, and difficult to light without a lot of expense and effort, but in fact it doesn’t take much to change things. Consider flooding your rooms with natural daylight, using the tried and tested Solarspot tubular daylighting system; our customers are delighted with the transformation that the easily installed system makes.

Not only does the system supply natural lighting to the room, but also it has added advantages which include low running costs and the fact that the impact on the environment is negligible. Natural light, harvested from a dome positioned on your rooftop, is not going to deplete the earth’s resources nor is it going to disadvantage others if you use it.

The even lighting that is produced via the Solarspot system means that you are not trying to work around shadows, and your creativity is encouraged by an upbeat environment.

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