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A way with natural light

It’s been scientifically proven that the sun brightens a person’s mood, creates a positive attitude and makes us more pro-active therefore where possible it’s important to have natural light streaming in through your home or working environment According to research students learn more effectively, employees wore more efficiently and sales are improved in environments where there is a natural light source. Of course windows cannot always be placed in certain places and areas of a building for examples hallways and landings or internal and underground offices. So how do you create light without access to a window or via a light that needs to be constantly turned on – simply by installing a solar tube often also called sun tunnels or sun pipes.

Easy to install this unique lighting system uses no energy. Sun light is collected via a dome on the roof of the building and then bounced though a specially designed tube to a diffuser lens located in the ceiling of the area of which you desire to be lit. Solar spot has several different sizes and styles of tubing systems for your home depending on how large the area the area is you need to light, for example a hallway requires less lighting than a bedroom or bathroom. The result is a swath of natural light that uses no electricity thus saving you money in the long term with no harsh effects on the natural environment. Contact us today to discover more on how sun tubes create a way with natural light on 01908 299117.

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