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Adding more light into your new build or refurbished home

If you’re in the process of drawing up the plans to build your new home and are struggling with some positioning of windows and lighting solutions then we have the answer for you. A solar spot tubular daylighting system is the ideal way of creating and adding natural light into a room within your grand design. Perhaps you are struggling to light up a dark landing or hallway, or there is a bathroom in your design that you’d light to incorporate some natural light into. Likewise if you’re refurbishing a property and are not permitted to change certain elements or features of the design yet are stuck with a dark gloomy room then a sun tunnel could be the answer to your problem.

Solarspot’s advanced technologies and patented design ensure that the maximum amount of light is filtered into the room where you require it – no other system has the capabilities to bring in as much natural light as a solar spot system. With several types of systems to choose from you’re guaranteed to find a design that will complement your design or existing property whilst fulfilling your requirements. They are simple and easy to install yourself or if you’d prefer we can organise someone from our installation team to do it for you. Once installed they are maintenance free and are covered by a 10 year warranty.

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