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Baking the British way

Wouldn’t you just love a kitchen with all the mod cons and equipment to hand, plus the wonderful natural light that the Great British Bake Off contestants enjoy as they struggle to impress the judges? Maybe you wouldn’t be quite so envious of the pressure and criticism, but somehow they manage to smile – after they’ve got over the disappointments of not making the grade.

Because the contestants are in a tent, they enjoy natural light flooding the space from all directions, which sadly is not the case in most British kitchens. Many kitchens are definitely cosy, but that means they can be dangerous, because of smaller windows and inadequate lighting.

Flicking a switch to light a dark kitchen means creating shadow, and even our best efforts are fruitless as we peer into the oven to see whether our latest culinary offering is ready or not. We could do with the added ingredient of natural lighting to give us a better chance of impressing our family.

It’s not that difficult to upgrade the lighting in the kitchen; Solarspot tubular daylighting systems can easily fill the room with natural light. The light is captured by a dome, fitted with a multidirectional lens, that’s situated on the roof, and then transmitted to your kitchen by means of a reflective solar tube which in turn delivers the light to the ceiling diffuser. It is a pleasant and natural light which is beneficial from an economic point of view as well as a culinary perspective!

You won’t have to endure any more burnt offerings just because you can’t see what you are doing, and with the help of the Solarspot tubular daylighting system you might just be the next budding baking star!

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