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Banish the winter blues with natural lighting

It’s that time of year again when the nights are drawing in earlier as the darkness descends. It’s a proven fact that reduced exposure to natural light can affect people’s mood.  What if you could find a way in which to increase the natural light in your house and banish those winter blues we all feel? What you need is a Solarspot! A Solarspot is the world’s brightest tubular daylight device. Solarspot provides a compelling alternative to artificial lighting, bringing the benefits of natural light to both new and existing buildings.  Using the most efficient light distribution system on the market, Our Sun Tunnel allows twice as much natural light to enter your house compared to other products on the market. Using light capturing technology, Solarspot funnels light in and then redirects it to lower angles, flooding your house with the natural light we all crave during the long winter months.

sun tubes

With two smaller sizes to choose from, the Solarspot domestic range is unsurpassed at delivering daylight into the heart of your home. It is perfect for any areas up to 24sqm. Likewise, the compact Solarspot D-25 will deliver around 50% more light than any other equivalent sized system making it the number one choice for smaller spaces like bathrooms and hallways.

If you are looking at ways in which you can increase the amount of daylight in your home, or are simply looking at ways in which you can efficiently light those windowless rooms in your house, the Solarspot is for you. Banish those winter blues for good; invest in Sun Tubes for your house today!

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