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A better way to start the day

First thing in the morning you stagger to the bathroom, turn on the light, peer into the mirror and either can hardly see at all, or the face staring back at you is illuminated by stark white light – it’s enough to ruin anyone’s day.

How much nicer would the start to the day be if your bathroom lighting meant you could actually see what you were doing, or if it was a bit kinder and flattering?

Bathrooms and en-suites are notoriously difficult places to light, because often they either have frosted windows or do not have any windows at all. Either way, they are frequently dark and have little natural daylight.

Fluorescent strips or central pendant lights are often installed, resulting in very white light or the light being behind you when you look in the mirror, casting shadow. That leaves you peering into the mirror, unable to see much, which doesn’t enable you to start the day with confidence.

Bathrooms can easily be transformed by adding a Solarspot tubular daylighting system. They come in different sizes, so you can select the appropriate size for your needs and will instantly benefit by enjoying the natural light reflected down the solar tube from your roof, to the bathroom.

The light is as you would expect daylight to be – more natural and pleasing, and without any annoying shadows that you have to work around. The system can also be combined with an integral electric light, which makes the unit ideal for round-the-clock use.

The morning routine is no longer a challenge, but becomes quicker, easier and not nearly so daunting! Natural daylight has a feel-good factor which encourages a more confident way to start the day.

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