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Boost Your Mood Naturally

When you’re in your own home, you want to feel happy and energised, to enjoy your own space and relax in it. So why do we sometimes feel down when we’re in certain rooms of our home?

The reason often lies in the lighting within our homes. Poor lighting can result in eye fatigue and headaches, which will make us feel poorly or even depressed. A lack of natural light can also cause depression and is linked to having a negative effect on our immune system. However, even dim lighting has its place, as it can make us feel drowsy and will calm our senses, so this makes it ideal for the bedroom.

Bright lighting stimulates our minds, while natural lighting will calm upset and distressed minds and emotions, whilst enhancing productivity and motivation. Artificial lighting that is too bright or too harsh will hurt our eyes and may actually cause someone to feel on edge, instead of relaxed.

It’s important to get lighting right, and sun tubes will give a natural brightness to a space, allowing daylight to illuminate your home. Natural light is much better for you and will give more of a calming, relaxed and happy atmosphere for you to live in.

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