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BRE’s rigorous testing

To test the Solarspot against its competitors, we chose the Solarspot D-38 against the Solatube 290DS and the Sunpipe 450 to test them on which was the most efficient at delivering daylight – the most critical information someone needs when purchasing a suntube to provide their home with natural light!

We picked the country’s best-selling rigid systems- the Sunpipe from Monodraught and the Solatube. The Sunpipe system has a diameter or 450mm and claims to have a reflective value of 98%, while the Solatube’s diameter is 350mm and has a reflective value of 99.7%. Our Solarspot’s sits between the two in terms of size, at 375mm. All systems were over 2m long and the tests were carried out under a naturally overcast sky, at BRE’s headquarters in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire.

So the BRE’s test results show the performance of the Solarspot is significantly better than that of its rivals. Light is maximised through the use of its carefully researched and finely-tuned technology. The Solarspot, with its convex lens product had the highest transmittance, meaning it is 33% more effective that the Monodraught at transmitting light and 44% more effective than the Solatube.

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