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Building an extension

Frequently, building an extension to your house is a necessary project driven by an expanding family or the need for extra space. Whether it’s to create extra bathroom space, kitchen space or just living space, it’s a chance that doesn’t come our way too often, and it’s an opportunity to create something different and distinct, making your home into a unique place where you can enjoy all the things that make family life so special. There are so many things to take into consideration when planning an extension, some of the most important being economics and lighting.

Although the extension itself may be light and airy, almost inevitably you will be depriving another area of light as you build in front of it. If you don’t address that issue, it can quickly become a place where no one wants to spend much time, because it is relatively gloomy compared to the rest of the house and the new extension.

To counter this effect in the ideal way, install a Solarspot tubular daylighting system which will flood the darkened area with natural daylight, meaning that it can continue to be a well-used area of the house. Not only does the light, reflected to the room via a solar tube from the roof, compensate for what was lost when you built the extension, but it will actually be better light than you had before, simply because it is natural. The system’s diffuser helps the light spread through the area evenly, without casting shadows that are not so easy to work in without straining your eyes.

After installation, if it is an area that you use for work, you may well find that it’s a room where you feel more energised and focused, as natural lighting is known to improve concentration and productivity.

Your choice of Solarspot tubular daylighting systems will be a choice that you will always be glad you made.

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