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Combine Daylight With LEDs For An Intelligent Lighting Solution

Sun tunnels offer an excellent method of brightening up dark rooms during the hours of daylight, but what if you also need to be able to light the room in the evening? It may be possible to install an additional electric light, but since it is unnecessary during the day, it can look unsightly and cluttered. Now there is an alternative – Solarspot® International has introduced SILS – Solarspot Intelligent Lighting Solutions.

The Intelligent Lighting Solution provides a minimum level of lighting at all times. The level is detected by a light sensing panel in the room which ensures the LEDs become brighter as the daylight dims. The owner simply sets the minimum light level to a comfortable brightness, and the LEDs simply make up any shortfall.

As the LEDs are only switched on when they are needed, the potential energy savings are huge – savings could be as high as 85%. It also means that there is no risk of people leaving lights on thereby wasting electricity. For most of the day, sufficient lighting would be provided by the sun tunnel.

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