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Corridors of power

You find corridors in almost every building, whether it’s a hospital, an office, a shop, a modest family home or a large, sprawling mansion. Some corridors lead to exciting places, and others to more ordinary rooms like a bathroom or storeroom, but often they are all share one characteristic – they are poorly lit.

The more progressive corridors are in fact well lit and sometimes are lined with fascinating artwork which makes you want to pause and take a moment to enjoy it; they illustrate the fact that a corridor can be an asset instead of just a way to get from A to B.

Frequently though, a corridor is less than imaginative, and you practically have to grope your way along them. If they are lit, they are lit by electric light which cost too much for the light they provide. There is nothing which invites you to enjoy the transition from one place to another.

By changing the nature of a corridor, it can become an interesting and welcoming place. Instead of bare walls, using relevant pictures, photos or artwork can attract the eye – but you will need lighting that is both economical and attractive.

Natural daylight is the obvious choice, and can be supplied as an economic option by Solarspot tubular daylighting systems. A diffuser situated on the ceiling evenly distributes daylight taken from a dome placed on the roof, which is reflected down a solar tube. The exhibits on the wall of your corridor can then be viewed without the shadows and glare common to electric lights. Daylight floods the corridor, encouraging you to linger and enjoy the transition – a welcome change from sterile corridors that can be gloomy and almost hostile. Whatever the size of the corridor, Solarspot tubular daylight systems can transform it into a welcoming environment.

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