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Create an illusion of warmth this winter with natural light

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a dark poorly lit room in the middle of Winter. It instantly dampens your mood and makes you feel cold. Wrapping up in layers of clothes doesn’t do much to get you motivated especially if that room is your working office or study. If your room is illuminated solely by artificial lighting it can result in people feeling depressed and is well know to be a major cause of eye strain leading to headaches and migraines. This results in poor working performance which will reflect on your business.
If the room does not have the option to have an additional window fitted or is in fact a windowless room we have a solution for you. Our Solarspot Daylighting System is a way of bringing natural daylight into your home or office making the room not only brighter but creating an illusion of warmth too. Our Sun Tunnel is the most efficient light distribution system on the market. It uses a light capturing technology to funnel light in and down the tube redirecting it in a unique way which results in your the room or office being flooded with natural light.
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