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Cutting Through The Jargon

Sometimes it’s hard to make an educated, well-informed decision on products, when manufacturers advertise their products using complicated technical language and unintelligible jargon that the average Joe can’t understand.

We don’t want to be one of the many, we want to provide you with the clear, accurate facts about our products, how they work and how efficient they are at delivering daylight into your home. This is why we asked BRE (Building Research Establishment) to conduct a test to see exactly how efficient our Solarspot D-38 is, against other market leading products.

In simple terms, our product was shown to be the most effective product at reflecting natural daylight into a room. Thanks to our technology and the make up of the product, the performance of the Solarspot is significantly better than it’s rivals.

We use a completely clear dome, as opposed to “light harvesting” prismatic lenses, which can actually block out more light than they capture. Our clear dome allows the maximum amount of light to enter the tube without any interference.

We also maximise this light by using patented RIR light funnel technology, which allows low-level light to enter the system during times when the sun is low in the sky. This also means that there are no obstructions to the light entry, capturing the maximum amount of light in all weather conditions.

Our Vegalux tubing and extension systems have an unsurpassed reflectivity of 99.7%, delivering more light over longer distances, than any other tubular daylight system.

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