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The Energy Saving Option

There are many benefits to having a sun pipe fitted, but the one we’re focussing on today is their energy-saving properties.

The solatubes flood your home with light, using the natural light rather than electricity, meaning you’re not shelling out to the electricity company to light your home. This also applies to work spaces, where lighting bills can be huge as employers attempt to make the working environment bright and stimulating, to help productivity.

Effective daylighting can result in a reduction of up to 80% energy consumption, with a 90% cut in the use of daytime energy for electric lighting. Using a suntube is a more eco-friendly, sustainable way to provide lighting and requires less maintenance than many other forms of lighting, as the dome is self cleaning.

Solarspot tubular daylighting systems are very popular worldwide, used in virtually all types of both commercial and industrial buildings. Offering additional perks such as meeting current demands to significantly reduce energy use for lighting, it also aids the prevention of heat build up, helping to reduce the need for cooling, which saves on air conditionining, too.

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