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Focus on the Solarspot(R) D-38 system – a natural way to light your home

The Solarspot D-38 left their competition in the dark when tests conducted by Independent Building Research Establishment officially proved that the D-38 is officially the brightest 350-400mm natural lighting sun pipe system in the world! The tests showed that its efficiency levels are almost half as good again as the next best system with the superior patented technologies of the Solarspot delivering astonishing efficiency levels of at least 57%. When you compare this to those of the Sun Pipe (44%) and Solatube (40%) its clear to see that the Solaspot D-38 is the right choice if your looking to light up large domestic areas such as kitchens, living rooms and landings.

Easy to fit and install at just 375mm in diameter, the Solarspot® D-38 system fits between standard joists or rafts in your roof to filter natural daylight through its reflective tubing system down into residential and commercial areas. clients have been amazed at the amount of light that is delivered into what was once a dark and dimly lit area within the home or working environment. Due to the incredible delivery of light of which the Solarspot® D-38 delivers it is often compared to sun tube and sun pipe systems that have much larger diameters. If you’re looking to light up a bedroom, toilet area or bathroom, an office or study area, living and kitchen areas, a workshop or hall, stairs and landing a Solarpsot sun tube is the ideal solution. Why not view our video demonstration to see one of our sun tubes in action.

sun tubes

Solar Spot in action

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