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Get the benefits of natural daylight all year round

A common concern with Solarspot tubular daylighting systems is whether they will work as effectively when the weather is cloudy or overcast, especially during a long British winter. The good news is, we can guarantee you high levels of natural daylight in your home all year round!

the world's brightest solatube to pipe sun imto your home

Solarspot systems use tubing material with 99.7% reflectiveness, transferring the maximum amount of natural sunlight into dark areas of your home with RIR light funnel technology and the most effective sun tunnel system in the world. The double-glazed dome fitted to your roof ensures that as much light as possible is harvested, even if the sky is overcast. This amazingly reflective system delivers light evenly into your home and creates naturally lit spaces that help to lower your energy bills and brighten even the darkest room.


When winter does come round, and the sun sets earlier and earlier in the day, you may also wonder how a Solarspot system can light your home if it’s dark outside. We have a solution for that too, with the simple installation of a discreet piece of equipment, which is placed inside the lower section of the tube, above the ceiling and out of sight. This simple lamp holder, along with a low-energy bulb, can easily be integrated into the system. Your Solarspot tubular daylighting system will then be able to provide you with light throughout the day, maximising on available natural daylight and then acting as an electric light unit whenever you need.

Your house will easily and simply supplied with versatile and economic lighting, during clear and cloudy weather, day and night.

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