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How to naturally brighten up dark areas in your home

Every home has areas that natural light struggles to reach, whether it’s a utility room,
hallway, bathroom, attic space, basement room or landing. For lower-floor properties, basement flats and bungalows, the problem may even affect some of the main rooms of your home such as the kitchen, living room or bedroom. With energy prices continuing to rise, almost constant use of electric lighting is not a particularly cost-effective solution. Instead, finding a natural alternative to brightening up these areas is a savvy approach, and easier than you might think. Solarspot solar tubes offer exactly that – a simple and cost-effective method of bringing natural sunlight into even the darkest corners of your house without the need for major renovations.

Solarspot sun tube lighting

Solarspot is the most effective natural daylighting system in the world, and is suitable for almost any room in any property – delivering free lighting into the heart of your home, even in the depths of winter! For residential properties, Solarspot is an affordable alternative to running expensive lighting, adding new windows or moving walls to solve the common problem of low light levels. The method is simple: a solar tunnel is positioned in the roof of your home and connected to the ceiling of the room requiring additional lighting. The dome on top of the Solarspot tube ‘harvests’ sunlight – even on dull and cloudy days – and sends it down the room below. Inside each tube is a highly reflective system which maximises the light transferred from the dome to your home, providing astoundingly effective results and brightening every dark corner.

For free, efficient lighting all year round, use Solarspot suntubes to brighten up dark areas of your home.

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