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Improving Working Conditions For Employees

Daylight has been proved to offer many benefits, both aesthetic and health-related, by both designers and researchers. Scientists have reported increased productivity and comfort in environments lit by daylight, which provides both the mental and visual stimulation needed for our circadian rhythms to regulate.

We can therefore use natural light in our workplace to help employees feel more comfortable and increase productivity, by ensuring offices and work places have sun tubes illuminating the space. This ensures employees are exposed to natural light, whatever the weather outside may be doing.

Daylight is also shown to improve mood and boost general well-being, with many people finding that poorly lit, dark offices or ones that lit with glaring, flourescent electric lights, can be linked to depression and a lack of motivation.

Having Solarspot systems installed allows daylight to flood the darkest spaces, brightening up the working area and exposing employees to a natural source of light.

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