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Increasing the value of your house

It’s a known fact the UK is currently recovering from a recession and this in turn has caused the housing market to crash. With many homeowners now finding themselves unable to sell their houses, and a large proportion of them in negative equity, people are looking toward home renovations as ways in which they can increase the value of their home and secure that sale they are looking for.

We all know that great selling points within a home are predominantly the Kitchen and Bathroom. Many people will completely renovate or ‘tidy up’ these rooms as a way in which they can secure the sale of the house at the price they need.

But what other ideas should we turn into actions in order to increase the saleability of our houses? Many potential buyers will look at the room sizes and lighting immediately after they have checked the condition of the kitchen and bathroom. If the room sizes are on the smaller end of the size scale, natural lighting can give the illusion of space and a happy atmosphere in the house. Most rooms in houses today have windows which provide the only means of natural lighting into your home, but what about those rooms such as bathrooms without windows, or houses where the windows are small? Many people will think about the installation of skylights as a way in which to increase natural light in a room, but with rooms on the ground floor skylights are near on impossible to install!

Now you can have the best of both worlds with a Solarspot in your home that is 63% more efficient in allowing natural lighting into your home than a standard skylight and can be installed in any room of the house even those on the ground floor! A Solarspot Daylighting System is the natural way to bring daylight into those dark or windowless areas of your home. Delivering significantly more light than the ‘next best’ rigid systems, and more than 10 times that of a flexible unit*, no other system will deliver as much natural light to your home.

Only Solarspot systems uses our patented Light Funnel technology in the dome to reflect and refract light into the top of the tube, actively harvesting daylight into the system. You may also notice that our dome is completely clear of moulded lenses and prisms that actually deflect light away, therefore ensuring that all Solarspot systems allow the maximum amount of light to be delivered into the top of the tube. Instead, our RIR Light Funnel is suspended in the tube opening, harvesting light from all directions, in all conditions. This could mean as much as twice as much daylight entering the tube than on any other tubular daylighting system available.

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