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Lighting up the ensuite

An ensuite is a practical and comfortable addition to any bedroom. Not only can it be luxurious but also it’s convenient to tumble out of bed without having far to go for a shower or shave, and when you have all your personal toiletries to hand the day starts that bit better. You require good light to be able to meet the day with all its demands for efficiency in getting the jobs done that need your attention, but it doesn’t bode well when the way you prepare to begin your projects is met with peering into a half lit mirror and wondering how things are looking. You need to look your best but somehow that is difficult to achieve simply because you lack a good source of daylight in your ensuite. Often because the ensuite is adjoined to the main bedroom the lighting hasn’t been given serious consideration as it is a secondary room. However when it comes to using it you really do need to see well.

At Solarspot we know we can help. Your ensuite doesn’t have to be a gloomy ill-lit room just because it is tacked on to the bedroom. It can be just as bright and attractive. We suggest it is time to change from what might even seem a depressing start to the day to a day brimming with optimism and light!

Our solar spot D-25 would be the ideal solution, transforming a dark ensuite to one flooded with daylight reflected via a tube to your room from a unit on the roof which captures the daylight. That sounds rather simple, but the materials used are state of the arts technology, which is employed to bring light to the darker places of your home.

Prices are determined by the type of roof that you have, the distance from the roof to the ceiling and size of room to which you want to bring the light.

For further advice and information browse our site or call 01908 299117.

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