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What Makes Solarspot So Effective?

Thanks to BRE’s test we can see that the Solarspot D-38 was clearly much more effective than its market rivals, so what makes it so good at its job? The answer is in the technology.

The Solarspot dome is completely clear, unlike some others, which allows the maximum amount of light to enter the tube, without any interference from “light harvesting prismatic lenses”, which actually can block out more light than they let in.

Our patented RIR light funnel technology maximises the light captured by the Solarspot. At the beginning and end of the day, the RIR reflects low level light into the system, but when the sun is higher or if the day is overcast, there are no obstructions to the light entering the top of the tube- this maximises the amount of light captured in all weather conditions.

The Vegalux light transfer technology has an unsurpassed light reflectivity of 99.7%. Thanks to our Vegalux tubing and extension systems, our products are able to deliver more light for longer distances than any other tubular daylight system.

And to add to our impressive statistics, our kits come with a fully assembled top and bottom section, so all that needs to be done is to join the extension tubes. During construction this quick installation is invaluable, meaning the roof can be weather tight in minutes from the flashing being fitted, saving you both time and money and the risk of a rushed installation resulting in leaks later.

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