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Naturally good lighting

It’s been proven that regular exposure to natural light can brighten your mood, create a positive attitude, and makes you feel more pro-active. Where possible, it’s important to have natural light coming into your home or your work environment.

According to research, your general well-being is increased in an environment where there is a natural light source. Of course, windows cannot always be placed in the optimum position to take in the most daylight, and areas like bathrooms, hallways, and landings often have no windows at all.

So how do you create light, without access to a window, and without having to rely on expensive electric lighting? This is where Solarspot tubular daylighting systems come in.

Easy to install, and easy to fit in with your existing decor, this unique lighting system uses no energy. Natural light is collected via a dome on the roof of the building, and then reflected through a specially designed tube to a diffuser lens located in the ceiling of the desired area. It couldn’t be easier, and because the dome faces directly up it can absorb sunlight all year round, even on overcast days, providing you with mood-lifting natural light every day.

Solarspot has several different sizes and styles of tubing systems for your home or workplace, depending on your needs. Contact us today on 01908 299117 to discover more on how Solarspot tubular daylighting systems can fill your life with natural light.

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