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No more interruptions

Have you ever sat at your desk and been deeply focused on internet research or an important document…when the computer crashes. You’re about lose your train of thought, so you try re-booting it, but to no avail. The router is the next thing to try and after that you become more than a little frustrated, because there is almost nothing that you can do. The problem seems to be outside your control – and it’s a bit like that with the weather too.

When sat by the window doing something that needs good lighting, if rain clouds obscure the sun then your source of light is greatly compromised with the result that the work you were doing almost becomes impossible. There is nothing that you can do apart from take a break or turn electric lighting on, but you will not get the same quality of lighting as natural daylight, as light from an electric bulb throws shadows that make it difficult to do intricate work. In that sort of situation mistakes are much more likely to be made.

If you have a tight schedule to produce work, time lost often has financial implications. Even if it is a matter of work for your own interest, when you have to stop and start your focus it’s still frustrating to say the least.

The Solarspot tubular daylighting system delivers continuous natural lighting to all of the room, without throwing shadows onto your work. Whether the sun disappears behind a cloud or there’s a sudden power cut, you can carry on uninterrupted. You can still enjoy the same quality of light without your work being spoiled – and you don’t absolutely have to sit by the window either. You can work in any part of the room, knowing that the light is as good there as anywhere else.

Solarspot tubular daylighting systems offer different-sized systems to suit the size of your room, and with minimum disruption can be fitted quickly and efficiently, meaning that you can soon get on with your work once again.

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