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Poor lighting

Nobody wants an elderly relative, a small child, or in fact anybody having an accident just because of poor lighting. Tripping over objects in dimly lit areas is avoidable but lack of thought, because you are familiar with the layout of your home, means visitors can end up having accidents which are preventable if only the area had been better lit. Stairwells are prime examples of areas that are often neglected and therefore become a safety hazard.

Not only is there a tripping hazard but also the position of things can be misjudged just because they are not clearly seen. Moving objects can become missiles when one can’t judge the speed they are moving, purely because you are in an area of dim lighting. Shape becomes unclear and so grasping an object can be difficult resulting in accidental breakage and maybe even bad feeling if it was a precious item.

Too much light can be as bad as too little. Shiny objects reflected by a glaring light can be blinding and result in a variety of consequences. Some surfaces will bounce some kinds of light back straight into your eyes, and if you can’t see what you are doing, whether it is work, pleasure, or merely minding your own business, poor lighting can be a safety hazard which is preventable with a little thought and planning.

Solarspot can deliver light evenly and consistently into your home reducing the risk from accidents because of poor lighting. Independent assessors have proven our systems and rated us above other comparable systems. Our systems come with a 10 year warranty which will ensure your quality of lighting for many years to come. Give us a call on 01908 299 117 to find out more, order or enquire about prices.

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