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The BRE Report Says It All!

We’re very proud of the results published in the BRE report, which found that our Solaspot D-38 system was the clear winner in terms of efficiency, giving around 69% more light than other leading market products.

Each system was tested by the independent and impartial research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation, BRE (British Research Establishment). The company offers expertise in every aspect of the built environment and associated industries, giving an unbiased, factual account of the findings from their testing.

We compared our Solarspot D-38 to the Solatube 290DS and the Sunpipe 450, to see exactly which was more efficient at delivering daylight. We carried out the test three times on each sunpipe, to ensure there was no spikes in light or freak results, taking the average efficiency from the three readings to give the result.

The conclusion was clear, the Solaspot D-38 was the resounding victor, being the more efficient at light delivery. Our suntubes are quick to install, using convas lens to provide maximum protection against condensation and improved thermal performance.

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