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Sell Your Home With A Light Pipe

D-25 corridor before and afterWhen you look around a new house, they are generally painted in light colours and have strategically placed mirrors to bounce the light into the dark corners of a room. They also keep all of the lights on all day!

When selling a second hand property it is always advisable to re-paint the house in a light natural colour. This freshens up the property but don’t cheat! The woodwork and ceilings should also be repainted. De-cluttering is also a big must! Clutter reduces the impression of space. If you do not have room to store your things your new buyer will not think they will have room either!

De-personalise the property a few pictures of your family is nice to see especially if it is a family home. However a wall full of pictures is too much! You will end up putting potential buyers off as they may not be able to see past all the pictures. After all you want potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the property.

Dark rooms or hall ways. Whilst you could go down the route of the new home builder and leave all the lights on this would look odd not to mention cost you a fortune! If your estate agent arranges a last minute booking you may not have time to turn on the lights to brighten up that space. Why not invest in the property and install a Solarspot Solar Tube? This will allow natural light to light rooms that are windowless and often dark. You will be surprised the difference this investment would make to the sale of your home.

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