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Solar lights work efficiently even in winter!

A common concern about using solar lights, sun tubes and sun pipes to bring natural light into a home is whether they will work as effectively when the weather is cloudy or during the long British winter! If you have any doubts, have a look at the video below, showing the efficiency of Solarspot sun tunnels when installed in an office in the middle of winter:

Solarspot uses a highly reflective tubing material that transfers the maximum amount of natural sunlight into dark areas of your home using RIR light funnel technology and the most effective sun tunnel system in the world.

The double-glazed dome on the top of each sun tube ensures that as much light as possible is ‘harvested’, even if the sky is overcast. This 99.7% reflective system delivers light evenly into your home and creates naturally lit spaces that help to lower your energy bills and brighten even the darkest room.

Get in touch to find out how Solarspot sun tubes can improve the appearance and light-efficiency of the dark areas of your home.


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