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Solarspot D-38 brings living room back to life

Solarspot sun pipe lights living room extension that was left in the darkSolarspot daylighting systems bring extended living room back to life.

With house prices a record highs and the cost of moving prohibitive for a large number of people, home extensions have never been more popular. Whether it’s to enlarge the home to accommodate a growing family or just to maximise the potential of the property, builders across the UK are reporting a steady growth in extension work.

However, there is often an inevitable consequence to extending a building, and that is the loss of daylight into the centre of the home. This is exactly the situation that Tony and Carole found themselves in after extending the living room of their Northamptonshire bungalow.

‘We’ve virtually doubled the size of the room and the extra space is fantastic, and just what we needed. Unfortunately the main part of the lounge is now really quite dark – even on bright days.’ said Tony. ‘After doing some research online we found what seemed like the perfect solution, a sun tunnel. The problem was then deciding which one.’

After some more detailed examination of the different products available, Tony contacted Syneco, the UK distribution company for Solarspot Daylighting Systems. ‘It was the light-capture technology of the dome and the performance of the 99.7% reflective tubing that decided us on Solarspot’ said Tony ‘even though there were cheaper systems available’.

‘Tony and Carole’s situation is a perfect application for a Solarspot system’ commented Chris Taffs from Syneco, ‘The room had been made really gloomy when the extension was built and got very little natural light. The decision was made to install a Solarspot D-38 (380mm diameter) system through the loft space above and into the dark side of the room.’

‘We are really delighted with our Solarspot tube, the transformation in our lounge is unbelievable.’ said Carole, ‘I am amazed that such a small unit can give so much light. The two fitters Ray and Tom from Horizon Systems were so polite and meticulous, and thanks to Chris from Solarspot UK who oversaw the operation. I will definitely be recommending the unit to others.’

Tony and Carole’s bungalow is a perfect example of how Solarspot daylight systems can banish those dark spaces that are created by the addition of an extension, or just by the layout of the building itself. It’s a fact of life that the majority of homes will have rooms or passageways that are lacking in natural light. But there is a solution and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, or mean that there has to be major building work, to put right. In fact, the installation for Tony and Carole took less than a day and has given them a room that they now love again.

For more information about brightening your dark extension or bungalow contact:
Solarspot UK on 01908 299117 or www.syneco.co.uk

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