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Solarspot Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Solarspot Intelligent Lighting Solutions also know as SILS is the latest daylight technology to be launched by Solarspot® International. It’s the perfect answer for building designers and architects who need to provide a daylight solution with guaranteed minimum lighting levels. The system provides a stable and fully integrated source of light by sychronising the LED light technology with the Solarpot daylight system.

All of the Solarspot ceiling diffusers are fitted with a circular bank of dimmable LEDs. This unit is then controlled by a light sensing panel mounted in the area being lit to ensure that the minimum pre-set light levels are maintained. During the course of the day the ambient lighting levels are monitored and as and when the amount of daylight increases the LED unit is dimmed as required eventually switching off altogether when the pre-set minimum internal level is reached. Should the level of daylight fall below the minimum pre-set level, then the LEDs seamlessly fade in to provide a consistent light level for the room. As the day progresses, and the external daylight levels drops into darkness then the LEDs take over and provide the required light levels for the room.

There are many benefits to using this type of lighting system. A building that is occupied during the daytime and uses electric lighting only when external lighting alone proves insufficient could potentially save up to 85% of energy. It also prevents the old habit of leaving electric lights on or if you arrive in the dark an pop on the lights on the inevitable of leaving the lights on all day. Overall comfort will become improved as with some simple monitoring of the lighting system they can be adjusted to your own preferred pre-set minimum lighting levels that will be consistent.

As you have control of the use of your lighting systems the working life of the luminaires can be significantly increased as they will not be in use as much. This will in turn reduce your maintenance costs. It is not only expensive to replace the individual lamps or luminaries, the price for labour and access can prove very costly too. By using a Solarspot tubular daylighting systems and SILS you’ll also be creating a better impact on the environment as your buildings’ carbon footprint will be greatly reduced.

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