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Solarspot Systems with Vegalux Tubing

Vegalux is anodised aluminium sheets which are laminated with the most reflective tubing material in the world. All the tubing in our solarspot systems is made from Vegalux. It achieves a staggering 99.7& reflectivity, so will deliver more light than any other technology currently available.

Some of our competitors can achieve reflectivity figures of up to 98% which sounds close enough, but in a typical installation this could actually mean that 30% of the original light volume is lost. That would make quite a difference to the brightness of your room! As a comparison, a flexible duct system would lose over 90% of the original light.

Why this reduction in light when the difference in reflectivity between rigid systems is so small? Well, every time light bounces off a surface it loses some of its energy and therefore its light. The amount it will lose at each bounce depends on the reflectivity of the surface. As Vegalux has a reflectivity of 99.7%, this means it loses only 0.3% per bounce while the 98% reflective material will lose 2%. If the light only bounced once in the tube that difference wouldn’t matter so much, but as it is likely to bounce a few times the difference grows. If it bounces 20 times before it reaches your room, the 98% reflective tube will be delivering only 68% of the original light, while the Solarspot tube with Vegalux will deliver 94%, giving you a much brighter room.

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