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Sun Tunnels – Not Just For Bungalows

If you live in a house rather than a bungalow, chances are you think that sun tunnels are not an appropriate solution for your dark & dingy ground floor room. It is easy to see how sun tunnels can be used on the top floor of your home, but can they also be used on the ground floor? Yes! It is certainly possible, although it may not be the right solution for your needs.

Solarspot have fitted our natural daylight solutions up to a massive 6 metres, through a tall loft and through the top floor before reaching the ground floor room. This does pose certain challenges – obviously the further distance we have to cover, the longer the pipe is. This not only increases the cost, it will also decrease the brightness of the solar tube.

However, our product has been proven the best and brightest in the marketplace against the market leaders by independent testing, so choosing our solution for the ground floor of your house will deliver higher light levels than our competitors’ products. You needn’t worry that you will have tubes passing through your top floor; the pipes will travel down in between walls, boxed into a corner, or even hidden in a cupboard.

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