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Sunshine via a tube

before and after Edinburgh If you’ve been wondering how to get natural light into your home or working environment then we have the solution for you – a sun tube. These simple yet highly effectively tubular sky lights feature a clear lens that looks similar to a dome which is connected to a piece of tubing that is highly reflective. By collecting sunlight via the lens natural light is then transferred down through the tube into a fixture in the ceiling that looks very much like an every like a light fitting.

Sun tubes, also know as solar tubes and sun tunnels are the ideal choice when you want to brighten up that dark room. They are also a great solution to bring light into dreary bathrooms and dimly lit kitchens, hallways, landings and walk in wardrobes. They can be yourself or ask your local builder, or why not leave it to a sun tube fitting expert based within your local area. We have approved fitters in most areas of the UK, call our head office on 01908 299117 and we can help you find an approved fitter in your area.

You’ll be amazed by the amount of natural light that is filtered down into your once dark room, even on cloudy days. If you require your home or business to be continuously lit then installing sun tubes could also save you money. After installation you may soon see the cost of your energy bills falling whilst helping to protect the environment and planet too.

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