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The rhythm of life

Most people would agree that natural daylight is preferable to electric lighting, but maybe not so many would know the extent to which natural light has an impact on your health.

Few people enjoy sitting in a work environment which is windowless, not just because there is nothing to look at but because the body responds positively to daylight. When it is deprived of natural light, the whole rhythm of life is disrupted.

Sleep patterns can become disturbed, which inevitably has a knock-on effect on the mental and physical health of workers in an artificially-lit environment. When sleep patterns are disturbed, a person who is significantly affected becomes dysfunctional, less focused and less productive. Eyesight can be affected by poor lighting, which leads to headaches and inaccurate work. Mental alertness is also compromised, and the physical body suffers as a consequence. Worker who are low on morale and alertness not only need help, but also can’t perform as well as they might do otherwise.

By installing a natural lighting system, such as the Solarspot tubular daylighting system, the quality of light is significantly improved, leading to benefits for both staff and employer. Not only does it make economic sense, it also makes sense in terms of workplace morale. Happier staff work together in a calmer, less fraught environment, which facilitates interpersonal relationships as well as productivity.

The patented technology of our systems is adjusted to suit the situation, so we can find the perfect system for your location. Whichever system you use, your premises and your workforce will be significantly impacted by the consistency and quality of light.

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