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The season to be jolly

When summer draws to a close and winter is just around the corner, most people would start to feel a bit miserable – but Solarspot tubular daylighting systems begin to get a little excited! The days begin to draw in, the light gets a bit less, and the outlook gets gloomy, but not if you have a natural daylight system installed by us.

Although the late winter months are traditionally festive and jolly, the season of festivity is comparatively short lived. You still have to endure the rest of the long winter with little sunshine and seemingly little joy.

Candlelight is all very well, cosy and intimate, but it is fraught with dangers and isn’t very useful. Of course for many decades we have enjoyed electric light and only use candles to provide atmosphere, but electric light is expensive and the winter fuel bills all mount up. No reason to be jolly at all! Solarspot can transform all the pessimism of the winter months into a season of joy, flooded with natural lighting – and to make you even happier, the running costs are minimal.

Even the kitchen, which is the hub for the preparations for the celebrations, can often be a little dark, making cooking sometimes dangerous. If you can’t see what you are doing, handling hot dishes can be hazardous. You might even be thinking of extending your kitchen, but don’t forget working further away from windows will mean darker recesses, so installing a solar tube to provide consistent natural lighting will mean your kitchen is flooded with natural lighting all year round, not just during the darker winter months. A kitchen which is evenly and naturally lit means safer working conditions. It really will become the hub of the home, where everyone loves to work, rest and play.

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