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Using a natural daylight system to bring sunshine to your kitchen

There is nothing worse than being in a dark and dimly lit kitchen. Often referred to and know by many as the hub of the home your kitchen is a room where you inevitably spend a lot of time. Whether you are a passionate cook who spends hours baking, preparing and rustling up many feasts and treats or it’s seen as the room where family gather and congregate at the start of and end of a busy day incorporating some natural light via a Solarspot suntube will give the kitchen a real vibrant boost. You’ll also be saving money and protecting the environment as you won’t need to keep flicking those lights on and off anymore. And if you tend to loathe anything to do with the cooking it may even inspire you to start spending more time in this brightly solar lit room and put you in the mood to learn how to use something other than the microwave!

If you’re looking for an alternative to installing a sky light into your kitchen then a sun tunnel is the perfect choice. Sky lights are renowned for leaking and are hard to keep clean, they’re also expensive and fiddly to install to many roofs. Our range of Solarspot sun tunnels are the ideal solution to bringing in natural daylight to not only the kitchen but any room of your home that is lacking in light. From dark hallways, to dimly lit bathrooms and living rooms that rarely capture any light whatsoever we have transformed many people’s homes with one of our unique sun tubes. Contact us today to find out how we can brighten your world on 01908 299117.

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