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VAT Free Sun Pipes until the end of February

Brighten your life, home and bank balance this February by placing an order for the world’s brightest sun pipe. Having been independently tested by the BRE these amazing sun pipes by Solarspot have been proven to provide more natural daylight than any other system available on the market. Using the most reflective tubing material ever seen and unique and patented technologies you are guaranteed to receive the most natural light possible in your dimly lit, dark or windowless room within your home or working environment.

We have many different sun pipe and sun tube systems to choose from which are dependent on the room or space you wish to light up. For example a hallway generally requires less light than a bedroom or bathroom whilst a kitchen or study may need more light than a lounge. Our helpful assistants will be able to advise you which system will work best for your individual needs and requirements.

Whatever the weather condition are outside the Solarspot ‘Crystal’ dome with its RIR light funnel technology will filter down the maximum amount of light at roof level via it’s cleverly designed patented double-glazes dome system. Whilst our range of ceiling lenses deliver light that is evenly spread in your home they even help to reduce heat gain in the summer months and cold transfer throughout the winter time.

To discover more and to see things in quite simply a whole new light contact us today on 01908 299117.

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