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Vegalux Technology For Your Home

Vegalux Technology for Your Home


Vegalux tubing – the most reflective tubing material in the world – is used in all Solarspot systems. Offering 99.7% reflectivity, no other material or technology offers as much as this. The tubing is comprised of anodised-aluminium sheets with 3m Daylighting DF2000MA film.

Some competitor systems may say they have up to 98% reflectivity, the reality is they may lose up to 30% of the original light volume, compared to around 6% in a Solarspot Daylighting System.

Flexible Duct Systems may lose up to 90% of the original light, delivering just 10%!

To explain why this happens, we look at the science behind it and the way different materials use the light. Every time light bounces off a surface, it loses energy (light).

When light enters a tube, it may have to bounce, for example, twenty times to reach from one end of the tube to the other. With every bounce, the light loses energy, but in a tube with Vegalux technology this loss is just 0.3% with each bounce. The next best material loses 2% with each bounce- and if the light is bouncing roughly 20 times, this really adds up, resulting in a lot less light coming down the tube to brighten up your room.

Vegalux extension tubes are available in a variety of lengths from 200mm to 1.2m. In addition, we produce a range of angle adapters to ensure a hassle free installation.

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