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Your hall, stairs and landing needs light too!

D-38 Landing SolarspotIt’s an area of your home that either by design or evolution was the lost and forgotten zone. No windows or natural light in your hall, on the stairs or landing results in a dark and dimly lit space that constantly has the light turned on and off – not good for your energy bills, the environment or your mood, seeing as daylight has been proven to make you happier! Not forgetting that dark stairs are a safety hazard and you never know what’s lurking on that landing, particularly if you have children!

There is a way you can banish this dreary area of your home for good by bringing continuous natural light by installing one of our easy to fit and maintain sun tubes. We have a range a natural lighting systems to suit your needs and requirements and in just a few hours a Solarspot sun tunnel will transform that dark hall, stairs and landing bathing the whole area with light. This light will even filter down into your lounge or other room that your stairs lead to. Our tubular daylighting systems are easy to install and rarely require any structural modifications or redecorating. Why not give us a call 01908 299117 and let the transformation process begin.

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