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Light for long central corridors

By nature, retirement homes are often single storey buildings with dark and un-welcoming central corridors. This was exactly what the situation was at Highland House residential care home in Canterbury when new owner Russell took it over. The building had two long runs of central passages with no natural light which gave the whole building a very gloomy feel.

Russell decided that he wanted to ensure that the facility was as light and airy as possible for the residents so he research the various solutions available to bring in daylight. The obvious option was to use ‘Velux’ style windows but the structural disruption to the building would have been massive.

Through a chance conversation Russell was introduced to the concept of tubular daylight systems to provide the solution. And following some further investigation, particularly after reading the independent BRE tests, he decided that the Solarspot D-38 system could be the answer to the problem.

A two-man installation crew spent five days on-site installing 23 systems throughout the corridors, with a couple of systems going into windowless communal bathrooms. All of the systems are also fitted with integrated electric light kits so that they can be at night and to save excessive ceiling clutter.

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