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Solarspot D-38 solar tube transforms Worthing dark landing with daylightThe dark, windowless landing is a common problem that affects millions of houses across the UK.

Dark landing are not just dull and a bit depressing but also potentially dangerous, resulting in many trips or falls every year. It’s not necessarily a fault of bad design as there’s not always an outside wall available for a window. Or maybe you had a landing window but the addition of an extension means that the window has been lost. Either way, as long as there is a loft space or roof above the landing, a simple solution is at hand.

For June B in south Hampshire it was the refurbishing of her landing that prompted her to look for a solution to her dreary, dark landing. June wanted the option to choose colours other than white or cream – anything darker would just make it pitch black.

After searching the internet, June found the Solarspot website and was convinced that it was the right system for her after reading the independent product test summary and the reviews on TrustPilot. After discussing it with our technical team she opted for a 250mm diameter Solarspot D-25. The system was installed by Worthing-based Happy Home Property Maintenance. The guys had to wait for June’s plasters to finish skimming over the old Artex ceiling but fit it before the decorators started. She can now choose colours and carpets for the landing and stairs in confidence, knowing that the area will always be lovely and bright.

For more information on brightening up your landing and stairwell, call us today on 01908 299117.

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