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Solarspot Daylight System Accessories - Solarspot electric daylight dampers

Solarspot daylight system accessories - electric daylight dampers

Solarspot Daylight System Accessories – In certain situations it may be desirable to be able to reduce the amount of daylight that is transferred into the room. This might be in a bedroom or in a commercial situation like a conference room. Solarspot electric dampers can be specified to it inside the main tube that allows for reduce, or even block the majority of light leaving the tube.

The system is controlled with a wall mounted switch that allows for the damper blade to be adjusted to any point within its rotation so you decide just how much light is allowed to enter the room.

Solarspot Daylight System Accessories - Solarspot internal electric light add on kit

Solarspot daylight system accessories - integrated electric kit

Convert your Solarspot system into an electric light for night time use. The integrated light kit installs into the lower tube of the system and connects to your existing electric lighting ring so that it can be switched on as required.

The unit can be used in conjunction with other lights in the system or used a stand-alone light source for smaller rooms, hallways, landings etc.

The unit is supplied with a 15W compact fluorescent lamp (equivalent to 75W traditional lamp) but will accommodate any ES fixing lamp. For a brighter light level you could replace this with a 25w \ (equivalent to 125W traditional lamp).

Solarspot Daylight System Accessories - Solarspot angle adaptors

Solarspot daylight system accessories - Solarspot angle adaptors - Vegalux 99.7% reflective tubing

For most installations, 0-30 degree angle adapters supplied as standard with all Solarspot kits are sufficient to facilitate the installation of the tube. But there are certain situations where the tube may be require tighter angles so we also offer 0-60 degree and 0-90 degree options.

These can be ordered separately if needed or ordered as part of a complete system please call us for details.

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