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D-90 for flat and curb-mount roofs

D-90 Specification

Diameter: 908mm (36″)
Max Recommended Length: 35.0m
Coverage: Up to 95sqm
Efficiency: 75%

Solarspot D-90 – giving you natural daylight.

The Solarspot D-90 lighting areas up to 95 square metres with just one tube.

The Solarspot D-90 is the most efficient solar tube system in the world with each unit capable of lighting spaces up to 95sqm.

This system requires ceilings that are at least 7m high to spread the light evenly so is perfect for use in areas like warehouses, factories, sports halls and shopping malls.

0-30° angles available that can be used in multiples to create greater bends.

Solarspot d-90 product

Solarspot D-90, 910mm diameter Tubular Daylight System

Delivering more daylight than any other sun tube system, the Solarspot D-90 is perfect for lighting large areas with high ceilings in commercial, manufacturing and public spaces. Solarspot͛s patented RIR™ technology located in the non-yellowing dome ensure that even more daylight is captured at roof level and delivered deep into the heart of buildings where conventional windows are not an option.

RIR technology uses a series of Fresnel lenses located in the mouth of the system to redirect daylight, direct or diffuse, down into the tube to ensure that the maximum amount of light is delivered to the room below – whatever the weather.

Solarspot D-90 units can be supplied with various internal finishes making them suitable for solid ceilings as well as with ‘open-ceiling’ diffusers for warehouses, sports halls etc. Systems can be specified in new-build projects or accommodated as part of any refurbishment of an existing building.

The Solarspot D-90 lights spaces up to 95sqm and is ideal for:
  • Sports halls
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Retail environments
  • Warehouses
Solarspot D-90 components:
  • Non-yellowing dome with RIR™ light capture lenses
  • Convas anti-condensation lens for increase thermal efficiency©
  • Extension tubes available: 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1200mm lengths
  • Flashings suitable for all virtually all roof types
  • Adjustable angle adaptors available: 0-30°, 0-60°, 0-90°
  • Range of circular and square diffusers available for solid and open-ceilings

Solarspot Flat Roof Systems

The Solarspot spun aluminium flashing makes it perfect for any flat roof application. The rigid strong, flashing is perfect for GRP or single-ply roofs, and heat-resistant for any hot-process membrane system.

The unit is also a great option for green roofs providing a more aesthetically sympathetic solution than a curb-mount option.

Solarspot Curb-Mount Systems

For roofs requiring a built up-stand, Solarspot curb-flashings are available in a range of sizes, in both square and circular options.

In addition to the range of standard sizes, bespoke units can be supplied to meet individual customers’ specifications.

Solarspot – the world's brightest sun pipe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when comparing product performance?

Independent, comparative testing using internationally recognised methodology – it’s as simple as that. And the thing to look out for is an efficiency figure. If a manufacturer is confident about the performance of their system they will quote an efficiency figure and then show how this compares to competitor products. Solarspot are the only manufacture of solar tube type systems to publicly publish these figures and that is because we know that, size-for-size, no one else will give you more daylight through a tube.

What does ‘efficiency’ mean, and how does it affect the light delivery?

Efficiency is a measure of the ability of the solar tube to deliver light from the top (dome) to the bottom (diffuser), regardless of the time of day or time or year. To suggest otherwise is like saying your car is faster on a Thursday or gives better MPG when there’s a ‘Y’ in the month. This is just a pile of bunkum put out by manufactures like Solatube trying to muddy the water. Read the independent BRE test summary of Solarspot D-38 and Solatube 290DS

Do I need a BBA certificate?

Unless you are a developer that wants to include the solar tube in the 10-year NHBC cover then the answer is no. For the vast majority of customers retro fitting into their homes, fitting in their own self-build project, retro fitting into an office as part of a refurb or a new commercial development, you don’t need a BBA certificate. The BBA certificate is no guarantee of performance. In fact the only other sun pipe to hold a BBA certificate was the Sola Skylights Skytunnel, the worst performing solar tube ever tested by the BRE. Read the BRE test summary of flexible sun pipes

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